RST file generator

Generate the rst files for the examples by iterating over the python example files.

Files that generate images should start with ‘plot’



Remove “unload” seaborn from the name space

After a script is executed it can load a variety of setting that one does not want to influence in other examples in the gallery.

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.codestr2rst(codestr, lang='python', lineno=None)

Return reStructuredText code block from code string

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.execute_code_block(compiler, src_file, code_block, lineno, example_globals, block_vars, gallery_conf)

Executes the code block of the example file

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.extract_intro_and_title(filename, docstring)

Extract the first paragraph of module-level docstring. max:95 char

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.figure_rst(figure_list, sources_dir)

Given a list of paths to figures generate the corresponding rst

Depending on whether we have one or more figures, we use a single rst call to ‘image’ or a horizontal list.

  • figure_list (list of str) – Strings are the figures’ absolute paths
  • sources_dir (str) – absolute path of Sphinx documentation sources

  • images_rst (str) – rst code to embed the images in the document
  • fig_num (int) – number of figures saved

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.generate_dir_rst(src_dir, target_dir, gallery_conf, seen_backrefs)

Generate the gallery reStructuredText for an example directory

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.generate_file_rst(fname, target_dir, src_dir, gallery_conf)

Generate the rst file for a given example.

  • intro (str) – The introduction of the example
  • time_elapsed (float) – seconds required to run the script

Returns md5sum of file

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.handle_exception(exc_info, src_file, block_vars, gallery_conf)

Checks whether src_file has the same md5 hash as the one on disk

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.save_figures(image_path, fig_count, gallery_conf)

Save all open matplotlib figures of the example code-block

  • image_path (str) – Path where plots are saved (format string which accepts figure number)
  • fig_count (int) – Previous figure number count. Figure number add from this number
  • gallery_conf (dict) – Contains the configuration of Sphinx-Gallery

  • images_rst (str) – rst code to embed the images in the document
  • fig_num (int) – number of figures saved

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.save_thumbnail(image_path_template, src_file, file_conf, gallery_conf)

Save the thumbnail image

sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.scale_image(in_fname, out_fname, max_width, max_height)

Scales an image with the same aspect ratio centered in an image with a given max_width and max_height if in_fname == out_fname the image can only be scaled down


class sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.LoggingTee(output_file, logger, src_filename)

A tee object to redirect streams to the logger

class sphinx_gallery.gen_rst.MixedEncodingStringIO

Helper when both ASCII and unicode strings will be written


Write string to file.

Returns the number of characters written, which is always equal to the length of the string.